Evan Loiterman UI Developer/Artist

UI Development
Fine Art

Web Development
Logo Design/Marketing Materials


HTML/CSS3 , HTML5, Less, Saas, JavaScript, jQuery, Eclipse, SVN, Adobe Design suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, ActionScript 3.0.

8 years of experience in UI Develepment and Design Work

Most Recent task performed:

  • Designs, updates, retrofits, and creates new UI elements and functionality.
  • Collaboration with Design team and Developers to integrate back-end with front-end specifications for ongoing software revisions.
  • Creates specialized Icons,logos, artifacts and design elements as needed.

Design should never say "Look at me". It should always say "Look at this".

―David Craib

I'm a UI Designer/Developer with strong design eye, and knowledgeable of best UI practices.I Create graphics, design concepts(creates ,creative, mockup and patent illustrations). Proven experience updating company/client websites developing multi-media presentations. I tame cross-browser issues and enjoy working out the best solution to fit the project.


Who I am and what I do:

I have 8 years of UI Development experience working primarily for web-based software companies. I concentrate on making the best choices for each project I work on, and build ideas based on UI consistency and best practices and balance making something attractive yet also somewhat transparent to use.

I am both a visual artist and a UI Designer/Developer or (Developer/Designer?) Working in the Chicagoland area, I started life as an aspiring art student from Long Island University, and one of the main lessons learned is that GREAT art needs to be three things: 1)Well made –with skills and practiced technique 2) It should challenge the viewer and 3) Make them think. Most –‘good’- art can do TWO of those things. I think there is a 4th category worth mentioning which could help if you can only get two out of three and it’s the MOST important –at least if you want to sell something, that is: It should CONNECT with an audience.

The difference between Art and Graphic design and especially UI work is there are always others to convince, and there are always constraints.

When I am not working at my 9-5 or spending time with my family, I enjoy Krav Maga training for the past two years and am proud of the improvements I have made(It's a fighting system that combines cardio training with strength building exercises with practical self defense drills and techniques). I think it’s a nice balance of challenge and adrenaline in a controlled environment and as crazy as you can get without jumping out of a plane. I have also scaled down my life goal to be a ‘great’ artist –I think If I produce one near masterpiece its might be fulfilling enough.

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